All of our repeaters are open for use by any licensed amateur radio operator. They are all located in the Schaumburg area and cover portions of the northwest suburbs.


145.23 MHz, -600 kHz input, PL 107.2 Hz

442.275 MHz, +5 MHz input, PL 114.8 Hz

  • These repeaters are linked during normal operation and cover most of the northwest suburbs of Chicago.
  • EchoLink Node 575848 K9IIK-R
  • Allstar Node: 27833


444.125 MHz, +5 MHz input, PL 114.8 Hz

  • This is a Yaesu Fusion repeater with automatic switching. Analog FM an digital C4FM can be used at any time.
  • The repeater has a smaller coverage area than the K9IIK/R machines due to a lower output power.
  • Emergency backup power is available on this repeater.

Frequent users of any of our repeaters are encouraged to join the club to help defray operating costs.