License Tests

SARC sponsors VE (Volunteer Examiner) testing sessions, where you can take your test to become a ham, or upgrade your current ham radio license to a higher class.
Testing sessions are held the first Saturday of every month, from 9AM to 10:30AM, at the Schaumburg Community Recreation Center, Bode and Springinsguth roads, in the Senior Sunshine Room.

No prior registration is required, walk-ins are welcome. You must have:

A valid ID (drivers license, state ID card, etc)
If you are currently licensed and taking an upgrade test, also bring originals & photocopies of your current amateur radio license, and any certificates-of-successful-completion (CSCE’s) you hold where the FCC has not yet issued you the new license.
You may bring a calculator, but it must not be programmed with equations for the test.
The fee for taking a VE exam is $14.00. An identical fee will be assessed to any applicant who fails an exam and wants to retest again at the same session. The only condition to retest is that the exact same exam (identical set of questions) cannot be given to the applicant.
According to the FCC, the testing fee allows an examinee one attempt to pass or fail each of the three examination elements. In addition, the order in which the examination elements are taken is not restricted; they may be taken out of sequence.

If you have further questions about testing, dates, fees, or requirements, contact:

Tom Doyle, K9MF
 W5YI-VEC CVE & Test Session Manager

The VE testing team in July 2018

Seated: Tom Doyle K9MF. Standing (L – R): Bill Davies K9WKD, Dirk Smith W0RI, Bill Riess KW9WR, Steve Karson AC9EM, Ed Lischa AC9SD, John Schofield AC9JS